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How much of ridehail fares go to drivers?

🚗 Unveiling Ridehail Fairness

Ever wondered if your ride's fare is fair? 🤔 FairFare is a new tool that helps drivers and riders understand how much of a ride's fare goes to drivers.

Dreamed up by worker-organizers and built by researchers at institutions like Princeton and CU Boulder, we're dedicated to bringing transparency to the world of ridehail fares.

Behind The Wheel 🧑‍🔬🚖

We're powered by The Workers' Algorithm Observatory, funded by the Mozilla Foundation, and are backed by driver communities like CIDU and RDU.

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Research Questions 🔬

  • How do take rates vary across platforms and over time?
  • Do take rates vary based on driver performance, location, or other factors?
  • How accurate are driver and rider estimates of take rates?
  • How do perceptions of fairness differ between drivers and riders?
  • What changes do drivers feel are important to make?
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The Workers' Algorithm Observatory

Meet The WAO Team 🤝

We're a blend of researchers and advocates dedicated to supporting workers and allies in the ridehail industry.